What is the difference between Home Care and Home Health?

Home Care refers to non-medical care provided to the client in their home or place or residence (care home, nursing home, assisted living facilities, etc.). The care can include companionship, homemaking, and personal care (bathing, dressing, grooming, incontinence clean up, etc.).

Home Health refers to medical care provided to the client in their home or place or residence (care home, nursing home, assisted living facilities, etc.). The care can include skilled nursing (tube feeding, trach care, wound care, etc.), speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.

Is there an individualized Care Plan for each client?

Yes, each client is different and needs an individualized Care Plan to suit their personal needs. We have someone from the office come to meet with the client in their home and go over what kind of care they will be needing and when they would like the caregiver to come in.

What is involved in home-making services?

Home-making involves meal preparation, light kitchen clean up, light bathroom clean up, sweeping, moping, vacuuming, making the bed, laundry, and emptying the trash.The caregivers are not authorized to do heavy lifting, climb ladders, move furniture, or any heavy duty cleaning.

What is a One-Hour Bathing?

One-Hour Bathing is for a client that needs strictly bathing services. A caregiver will provide bathing services during a one-hour visit to the client’s home. This will be a flat rate charge.

How does the scheduling work?

Our services are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. We have a 4-hour minimum per visit.The times and days are up completely up to the client.

Will I have the same Kupuna Care Hawaii caregiver all the time?

Having the same caregiver is dependent on the caregiver’s availability, however having a set schedule will increase the likelihood of having the same caregiver.

How do I schedule an assessment?

The assessment is free of charge, just call the office line at 808-202-2010 and ask to set up an assessment.  A Kupuna Care HAWAII office member will go out to the client’s home or place of residence and talk with the client (and family members) about what kind of care will be needed. While there, we can also provide a free in-home safety assessment.

How will I meet my Kupuna Care Hawaii Caregiver?

After the initial assessment, the client care coordinator will work with the scheduler together to find a caregiver that will be compatible with the client. On the first day of assignment, an office member will accompany the caregiver to introduce them to the client.

Does Kupuna Care Hawaii work with Hospice?

Yes, our caregivers are able to provide care to Hospice clients.  We will be there to provide comfort care to the client and respite for the family.

Do you have caregivers that can drive?

Yes, depending on availability. If we do not have an available driver, we can arrange for transportation with someone from our office. Please call 48 hours in advance to arrange for transportation services.

What is the difference between 24-Hour Care and Live-In Care?

24-Hour Care involves around the clock care for the client. The day is usually broken up into two 12-hour shifts, with caregivers rotating. The caregivers stay awake both day and night shift to provide continuous care for the client.

Live-In Care involves a caregiver “living” in the client’s home. There are usually 2-3 caregivers assigned to the client. The caregiver will stay in the client’s home for 2-3 days and rotate out with another caregiver. With Live-In care the caregiver is required to have 8 hours uninterrupted rest at night. They are also to be provided with meals and an opportunity to shower and wash their laundry in the client’s home.

What type of Insurances do you accept?

We accept Medicaid Quest: Ohana, UHC, Aloha Care, HMSA Quest, and Kaiser Permanente Quest.

We also accept Long Term Care Insurance.

Do you do background checks on your caregivers?

Yes, all of our caregivers are nationally and locally background checked. They are also certified, bonded and insured.

Can your caregivers speak other languages?

Depending on availability, our caregivers are able to speak Ilocano, Tagalog, Visayan, Chuuk, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Japanese.

How do you track a caregiver’s time-in and time-out?

Are you affiliated with the State of Hawaii's Kupuna Care Program?

We are a private agency and are not affiliated with the state's Kupuna Care Program.

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